Welcome to Muslims First

It’s as simple as the title you read.

By virtue of true belief, everything around us is subservient to the one who submits to the pure belief of Islam. It is essential that a believer truly lives up to this noble mantle.

This site is about moulding oneself first – to become obedient, virtuous, gentle and respectful – the way Islam wants us to be. Everything else is then guided by this philosophy.

Let’s be Muslims first – then everything we do will be flavoured with the colour of obedience and virtue. Following this mantra infuses life, meaning and reward into every act of ours. Muslims are generally proud to profess their faith, yet there is a general tendency to limit ourselves to a verbal profession or selective practice. Islam wants us to express and manifest our claims of love and obedience in every word and deed.

This little blog aims to highlight the path we can walk and thereby enhance the profile of Muslims and earn the pleasure of our Creator.

Muslims First

🌐 http://www.muslimsfirst.com

✉ firstmuslims@gmail.com

🔷 twitter.com/muslims_first

📱 instagram.com/muslims_first

Whatsapp: + 27 83 736 0247

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