Book Download: Realise your Potential

Realise Your Potential: Drawing on a couplet of the celebrated poet, Dr Muhammad Iqbal, Mawlana Sayyid Abul Hassan 'Ali Nadwi (Rahmatullahi Alayh) in his characteristic manner encourages students of Islamic knowledge to realise their full potential, avoiding despair and despondency. He advises them to be worthy representatives of Islam, fully cognisant of Allah' s promise … Continue reading Book Download: Realise your Potential

Book Download: Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic

The global devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, also known as the COVID-19 pandemic, is a universally known reality. At the height of the pandemic, people were confused and perplexed about how to deal with the pandemic. The essence of this book titled, “Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic” is an enlightening and inspirational series of lectures, … Continue reading Book Download: Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic