Seclusion and reflection are incumbent for progress

Summary & Main Points of talk by Shaykh Abdul Mueed (Hafizahullah) of Sukkur  – Pakistan, Saturday, 18 February 2018 – After Asar, Masjid Saliheen, Sherwood, Durban,South Africa

1. It has been the practice of our elders and our practice in the Khanqah (spiritual reformation centre) in Sukkur, Pakistan to study the writings and sayings of our pious elders on  a daily basis. This practice continues even on journey. In these works the spiritual prescriptions and guidance for seekers are found. These words are filled with effect and benefit for those who sincerely seek rectification.

2. Seclusion for reflection on one’s purpose and direction is imperative for spiritual progress. Today, we do have seclusion, but this seclusion is contaminated with unclean thoughts and wayward thinking. 

3. The meaning of seclusion is to firmly connect the heart with Allah in a true sense – when this is achieved in seclusion then it is beneficial – once remaining alone becomes uncomfortable then one should adopt some good company. If good company is adopted and the heart is connected to Allah Ta’ala then that results in the benefits of true seclusion.

4. In seclusion we need to assess who our heart is connected with. Today misuse of social media has brought about the degeneration of people, moving us towards decline and at times destruction. 

5. When a person is engrossed on social media, the heart and mind is so preoccupied that it cannot remember Allah, this brings about a state of negligence. Wastage of time is a loss brought about by our own hands – even if a person sleeps in this time it would be beneficial as he will gain some rest. Hadhrat Thanwi (Rahimahullah) said, “I sleep with the intention of abstaining from sin in the time I am sleeping”.

6. The idea of living just to past time in entertainment is contrary to our life purpose – we are created for the guidance of humanity – if we have fallen on the way side, who will fulfill this responsibility?

7. We need to awaken ourselves to reality – where will immoral behavior on social media take us eventually – we are exposed to all the trials of sin on one screen – we need to reflect deeply and awaken our conscious – we are not here to past time – we are here to fulfill a responsibility. We need to be fearful of the consequences of our actions and negligence.

8. Modesty is part of Imaan – when this is compromised, Imaan is in danger – inwardly the strength of Imaan is weakening due to acts of immorality.

9. These are real life cases – a husband is involved with a strange women on social media – this leads to the wife also being unfaithful – the house is being burnt by our owns hands. A man should be one who saves his home, not one who lights a fire to burn his home – but in spiritual terms we are doing this.

10. Today, we have time alone in seclusion but need to direct it correctly – Our private matters are known by Allah, nothing is concealed from him – On the day of Qiyamat all secrets will be revealed in front of all. What we hide and conceal today will be exposed to all on the day of Qiyamat – we can never hide from Allah – remember Allah is always watching.

12. From among the signs of Qiyamat is that a person will contaminate and spoil his seclusion – through misuse and unlawful connectivity he is physically alone, but engrossed in evil – he is alone, but engaged in wrong doing.

13. The inner egos will always nudge a person to delay and procrastinate the modes of realisation and reformation – the way to remedy this is to do  the good act immediately and not miss the practice even if it is done in a small quantity, due to circumstances.

14. Today there is no trust in homes, due to mistrust and unlawful use of social media – partners do not trust their spouses and children do not trust their parents. Let us value our time and use our free time in seclusion profitably.

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