Shawwal – the test of steadfastness

Shawwal is the month that truly tests the Believers’ ability to be steadfast. In Ramadan, the Muslim Ummah engaged purposefully in good deeds and endeavoured to spend the precious days and nights in obedience and remembrance. The same momentum cannot be maintained out of Ramadan, however a degree of steadfastness is required to remain on course for the year. 

Our two opponents, nafs and shaytan have been hurt and their efforts have been dented in Ramadan. They are both out to take revenge. We have the advantage of lessons learnt in Ramadan of how to restrain ourselves and to engage in good actions. This strength is vital for the way forward.

It is imperative to be on guard and ensure that the effort of Ramadan is not spoilt. We should use the momentum to build on our spirituality, good character, generosity and worship. There are things we did differently in Ramadan that brought about a change in our lives. Let us save those changes and build on them.

Every one of us has been blessed with the capital of time, courage and dua. Employ these strengths effectively and we will find a lot of purpose in our lives. We will progress and make meaningful progress towards our self development, character and overall behaviour.

A basic ‘must do’ routine is imperative towards achieving steadfastness. Stick with the basics and slowly add on to it whatever is achievable and sustainable. Take guidance from someone who can give you encouragement and show you the path to Allah Ta’ala.

Recite the dua for steadfastness : Allahumma inni astaeenuka ala ta atika (O Allah, I seek Your assistance in remaining steadfast upon Your obedience)

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