Education and economic stability – two foundations of a nation

Hadhrat Maulana Abdul Qadir Raipuri rahimahullah used to live in a small village. I (the author Ml Abdullah Kapodrawi) was reading his biography. It was around the year 1950 when Hadhrat Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi rahimahullah went to meet him and said: “Maulana! I am going to the Arab countries. I request you to make dua for me.” Hadhrat Raipuri rahimahullah said to him: “Tell those simple minded people to establish factories and to learn crafts. Tell them not to rely on foreign goods.”

I was astonished when I read this, and thought to myself, this man spends his life mainly in a Khanqah, yet he has such insight and has understood that a nation cannot progress if it does not set right its economic condition. To progress in the field of education and to better its economic position are the two foundations of a nation.

[‘Echoes of the heart‘ by Hadhrat Maulana Abdullah Kapodrawi rahimahullah]