Book Download: For Friends

Dost Ke Liye, “For Friends”, is a compilation of selected discourses conducted by Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Maseehullah Khan Saheb (Rahimahullah). His unique approach to simplify our Deen in this era has made these discourses invaluable to those Muslims seeking to live a life pleasing to Allah Ta’ala. Many saw a great need to transcribe these discourses into book format. Such books contain many sciences and experiences through which a special condition and feeling is created in the heart, the path is made easy and knowledge of traversing the Tariqah is easily obtained.

Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Maseehullah Khan (Rahimahullah) is the founder of the Darul Uloom in Jalalabad, India. Although Hadhrat was the founder of such a renowned and well established institute, it was as a Shaykh of Tariqah in the field of Tasawwuf that he has benefitted the Ummah to a great extent.