How to make your good ideas and thoughts count

Summary & Main Points of talk by Shaykh Abdul Mueed (Hafizahullah) of Sukkur  – Pakistan – Monday,  5 March, 2018 – After Asar, Masjid Shanul Islam, Lenasia, South Africa

# The discussion continues on how to develop the appetite to seek good and pursue success and to firmly embed this ability within us. The advices are based on the teachings of Hakimul Ummat Maulana Thanwi (Rahimahullah).

# The most effective way of gaining ascendancy over one’s actions and thoughts is to meditate, think and reflect. If the thinking of a person is purposeful, his actions will follow accordingly.

# The example of a thought can be likened to the function of the hairspring in a watch or clock. This part is the mechanism that makes the clock tick and maintains its accuracy. The thoughts of a person are like the spring of a clock. If thoughts are good, actions will be good and vice versa.

# The starting point of a sin is a wrong thought or idea. The effect of a thought on the mind can be so weighty that it gradually captures the mind and drives the person to acting upon it.

# The approach to a negative thought should be to ignore it. Do not give this thought the attention of thinking how will I remove it. Rather, steer clear of this foul thought by engaging the mind in some other work or occupation. The human mind cannot focus fully on two ideas at the same time. So by occupying the mind with other work, the negative thought will be automatically muted and it’s danger neutralized.

# On the other hand when a good thought comes along, act on it. Do not procrastinate. Shaytan and nafs will nudge one towards delaying it, remember if acting upon this good thought is delayed, it most likely will never happen. The opportunity is missed and the spiritual strength and benefit that was to be acquired from that act is lost.

# A golden life principle is to engage the good deed when the opportunity presents itself and to restrain oneself from wrong when the urge occurs. This rule is considered to be the essence of tasawwuf (path of seeking Allah).

# To do good and abstain from wrong requires courage. Every person has got this ability within. It is not something we need to acquire from elsewhere – courage is with every person – all it requires is activation.

# When a human ability or strength is unused it becomes weak. A healthy person who is lethargic and stays in bed will eventually become lame and weak. By not activating and using the faculty of courage we have weakened it, and so find it difficult to be courageous when we need to.

# Students are made to do Takraar, repeat their lessons so it is thoroughly understood. Similarly when one remains focused with courage then the nafs is weakened and a person finds it easy to avoid wrong and do good. This courage and ability is acquired and developed in the company of the pious.

# The conviction that Allah Ta’ala is with me and around me is acquired through pious company.

# The blessings of the Shaykh’s company manifests in the form of courage, a strength to forge ahead positively.

# Contemplation on the mortality of this world and one’s own mortality is integral in developing the courage for good deeds. This contemplation helps to purge the love and attachment of the world and deepens conviction in the hereafter.

# Another important reflection is to ponder about rewards and punishments. Thinking over these benefits and consequences motivates one to take the right steps.

# Do not search for answers on the internet. Consult with Ulama and reputable scholars – seek rulings honestly and sincerely. Remaining aloof from guidance of the Ulama exposes one to dangers, like the sheep that strays from the flock is easily devoured.

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