There is no guarantee of acceptance

Summary & Main Points of talk by Shaykh Abdul Mueed (Hafizahullah) of Sukkur  – Pakistan on Sunday, 19 february 2018 – After Asar, Masjid Saliheen, Sherwood, Durban,South Africa

 1. Possessing knowledge and doing good actions are not a guarantee for salvation. No person has any guarantee of acceptance. So how can one boast or have pride about his actions? No action of ours is worthy of presentation in the court of Allah Ta’ala – Allah’s supremacy is such that our feeble actions cannot truly qualify to be presented in His grand court.

2. Perhaps, if a person had guarantee of acceptance then one could feel a sense of achievement or relief – however, no one has any guarantee – so  never be content or certain about the status of one’s deeds.

3. Allah Ta’ala dislikes boasting and showing off and he loves humility – that his servant concedes his weakness and expresses his total need and dependence on Allah Ta’ala.

4. On a note of caution, we should also not adopt such outward humility whereby we relegate our action to the level of having done nothing at all, if a person was given the ability to do good, it is from Allah and he should be thankful for this guidance. Undermining the good act by regarding one’s deeds as totally useless could lead one to despondency and inaction – if doing the act is not worth anything then why do anything in the first place ? This mindset is undesirable.

5. A person should become increasingly thankful to Allah for the guidance and ability to do good – Shukr obviates all the negativity in action – with Shukr one’s gaze is focused on Allah not on his action – one attributes the action to Allah – in this way he saves himself from showing off and regarding himself to be great – so we should not be ungrateful for the favour of good actions – it can lead a person to leave out good deeds if he sees no value in it.

6. Sometimes a good action is discarded because we think it is not done correctly – the Mashaaikh (scholars) explain that some say even if an act is initially done with ostentation, though this intention is incorrect the person should persevere – this condition will evolve into a habit (adat) and then into (Ibadat) true worship and finally into sincerity.

7. Do not leave out  a beneficial practice because you cannot feel its effect – initially you may not feel the benefit but the effect is always there – like a patient who takes medicine may not feel its effect initially, but the effect is seen after some time  as long as  the person continues taking the medication regularly.

8. Imam Ghazali (Rahimahullah) mentions, that the quality of fearing the changing of one’s condition comes about  as a result of making excessive Shukr – Hadhrat Shafiqul Ummat (Rahimahullah) used to say, the one who asks is never deprived and the one who fears (Allah) is always protected.

9. Ponder over the condition of death – how will death come to me – with this reflection a person will not look down upon anyone else or others actions.

10. Always consider yourself to have achieved nothing – if you do, it is a sign you have achieved everything. Don’t be buoyed or deterred by the praise or criticism of others.

11. What is the point in feeling great about your achievements when there is no guarantee of acceptance? One way to save yourself from this is to be grateful for every action and attribute its doing to Allah – it could never be done without Allah.

12. We should endeavour to feel and sense the bounties of Allah – engage in abundant shukr – take cognisance of the bounty, acknowledge it and be thankful to Allah for it.

13. Shukr (gratitude) takes a weight of the chest – to acknowledge that it came from above – be thankful and attribute it to Allah Ta’ala – acknowledge and confess its not of my doing or ability – I can never achieve this without the help of Allah.

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