How to remain in the state of Salah, Fasting & Ihram

One who performs Salah in a devoted manner, distancing himself from everything and everyone besides Allah Ta’ala, will attain the true benefit of Salah. The real purpose of Salah is to develop within oneself a state of Salah whilst out of Salah. Such a person remains in the state of obedience, Zikr, and discipline in the intervening periods between Salah.

When Salah is performed dutifully with all its etiquette, then Salah becomes a state and condition of life. Gradually, over a sustained period of time, this state becomes more deep rooted from within. Every Salah propels one to another level of piety and proximity to Allah Ta’ala. This principle can be applied to the fasts of Ramadan, if observed in a proper manner, then it will serve to keep one in a state of ‘fasting’ even after the fasting is over. Similarly with Ihram – the lessons of Ihram are carried over after Ihram is untied and even after one removes the outer garb of Ihram, the person retains the spirit and lessons of Ihram.

So a person who continues from one Salah to the next in the above mentioned manner will remain in a state of Salah out of Salah. The one who conducts himself like a fasting person after Ramadan will remain in the state of Ramadan till the next Ramadan, and a person who adopts the spirit of Ihram, after Ihram, will remain in ‘Ihram’ till the next Ihram.

(Adapted from the teachings of Maseehul Ummat rahimahullah)

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