The worry of the Ahlullah (friends of Allah)

The Ahlullah do not expect people to adore or ‘worship’ them, rather their primary concern is how the worry of the hereafter can be kindled in the heart of the sincere seeker who turns to him. The seeker is urged towards good deeds and made to focus on his reformation and to cleanse his inner maladies. The Shaykh guides him to become habitual on Zikr and contemplation so this person can attain success, so that Allah’s attentiveness permeates him, he overcomes heedlessness and Allah’s connection and closeness is instilled within him.

This life of ours is coming to an end very swiftly and no one knows when death calls, so before that decisive time arrives we need to prepare – and the first step in that preparation is to make sincere taubah and repentance for our sins and then focus on reforming the inner self from maladies.

For this we need to establish a link with the Ahlullah. One should not think where I shall go and to whom should I turn? Those who are present should be consulted and a link established.

When a seeker approaches a pious servant for guidance then Allah Ta’ala’s special assistance and guidance descends and Allah places the required prescription in the heart of the Shaykh. When these practices are implemented correctly then Allah Ta’ala grants the seeker cure from his inner maladies.

Cure from physical ailments is never guaranteed but in spiritual diseases, cure is guaranteed. When the seeker threads the path with truthfulness and loyalty then his guidance is inspired by Allah Ta’ala. When the seeker practices upon the directives of the Shaykh then Allah Ta’ala grants cure.

The criterion here is to place one’s foot in the path and first begin to walk. However, one cannot traverse this path alone. Progress can only be made when one firmly holds the hand of a reputable guide. The goals of this path will not be achieved without the guidance of a mentor. Today we aspire to walk this road all on our own.

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