When the desire for Hajj is true

Mufti Taqi Usmaani Daamat Barakaatuhu narrates regarding his eldest sister:

Aapa Jaan often faced difficult financial situations after marriage. Once, in such a situation, she asked our respected father: “Please supplicate for me that Allah Ta’ala bestows on me the opportunity to go for Hajj.” Our respected father said: “Do you desire to go for Hajj?” When she replied in the affirmative he said: “No, you don’t have any desire.” She said in bewilderment: “I’m telling the truth I have great desire to go for Hajj.” At this our respected father asked: “Have you saved any money for this?” When she replied in the negative he said: “This means that your desire is just on the tongue. If your desire was real you would have saved for it.” She presented the excuse: “If any money were left (from the income) then only I could save.” Our respected father said to her: “Can’t you save even one aana (one-sixteenth of a rupee)?” She replied: “This much I can save but how can Hajj be performed with this?” Our respected father replied: “When a slave takes a step for a good deed according to his capability then firstly there is help from Allah Ta’ala, and even if one is not able to carry out this good deed then its reward will definitely be received InshaAllah. But nothing can be accomplished just by having desire, without taking any practical steps.”

This event was soon forgotten. After a very long time in 1956 when she passed away, and her inheritors examined her things, a small bag made of cloth was found on which was written “Money for Hajj”. When it was opened approximately sixty five rupees were found inside. When our respected father saw this bag, his eyes spontaneously filled with tears, and at that time he narrated to us the entire story. Thereafter our respected father spent this money for the Hajj-e-Badal of our sister, and in this way had her Hajj-e-Badal performed.

Later one time our respected father was in the plain of Arafat during Hajj. During a short period of drowsiness he saw in a dream that Aapa Jaan is climbing Jabal Ar-Rahmah, the mountain in Arafat. In this way Allah Ta’ala fulfilled the Hajj of his bondswoman. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on her.