The weightiest act on the scale of a believer

It appears in a Hadith that the weightiest action on the scale of a believer will be his good character. It is further narrated that believers with the most perfect faith are those with the best character. It is also narrated that the best of people are those who uphold good conduct. A person who displays good character is likened to one who fasts during the day and performs tahajjud prayer at night.

Good conduct is a virtue that carries tremendous weight and perfects faith. Whilst other acts of worship like zikr, Salah, Quran recitation, dua, fasting, Umrah, Hajj, seeking knowledge, charity etc. have great merit, the one who does good actions coupled with good conduct will surpass others.

Good conduct must be learnt and developed. Through seeking knowledge of what true conduct is and identifying the traits of unpraiseworthy behaviour, good character is learnt and developed. Associating and interacting regularly with the people of good conduct and piety exposes one to practical display of good conduct and its benefits. Seeking Allah Ta’ala’s protection from poor character and asking for guidance towards good character will lead one to become the ideal Muslim. Whilst many eagerly perform acts of optional ibadat (worship), the need is for every Muslim to acquire a lofty conduct by avoiding the evil traits of bad character.

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