Practical advices for a Hifz student

Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Mueed S (Hafizahulla) – Advice to Students of Madrasa Dawatul Haq – Umzinto – South Africa – 21 February 2018. 

By virtue of learning and memorizing Qur’aan, you have been chosen for a very noble occupation. You have been give the title of ‘the best’ by Rasulullah (sallallah alayhi was sallam).
Nothing is more valuable for a person than for Rasulullah (sallaallhu alayhi wa sallam) to bless one with such a lofty title.

However, you need to ensure that you remain true to this nisbat and mantle. Do not do anything that will make people think or talk negatively about you, as you are seen as a person of the Qur’aan. Your character must reflect the beauty of the Qur’aan.


3 important advices to learners:

1. Always speak the truth.
Be in the habit of being truthful. A person who speaks lies ruins his own integrity and harms himself. People identify him as an untrustworthy source and even if he has to speak the truth, people will be reluctant to believe him.

2. Always respect your elders, especially your parents and teachers.
Respect means not to cause them any inconvenience or hurt. Be a source of happiness and coolness for them. Accept their decision for you as they have experience and wisdom which you do not have. Your elders are your well-wishers. They want the best for you.

3. Establish Salaah in your life – especially with jamaat. This will bring tremendous discipline and benefit in all aspects of your life.

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