Seeking sincerity and reformation

Summary & Main Points of after Maghrib talk – Masjid Noor, Asherville Durban, South Africa – 18 February 2018 Saturday – by Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Mueed (Hafizahullah) of Sukkur, Pakistan.

1. The motive and intention of every action should be the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and reformation of the inner self. A Muslim can never be independent or unconcerned about these 2 aspects.

2. To acquire these qualities one needs to seek and want them. When there is no interest or effort made to attain these qualities, then this is a sign of pride within a person – a mindset that one is not in need of improvement.

3. The desire to seek the noble qualities of sincerity and reformation of the inner self, as well as the ability to bring these 2 qualities into our lives, is acquired in the company of the pious. It is through the company of the pious that this concern of inner reformation is sparked. Company of the pious also creates humility within a person and this in turn helps one to act righteously.

4. Remember, to be a seeker is within one’s ability, and the idea is to strive for what is in one’s control and ignore what is not – outcomes and achievements are bestowed to one by Allah Ta’ala. Therefore, focus on what you can do and leave the rest to Allah Ta’ala.

5. Allah Ta’ala is concerned with the inner state of a person whereas we are concerned with our outer-selves. Regarding what Allah is concerned about, we are indifferent, and what we are concerned with (i.e.our outer selves), does not matter to Allah Ta’ala.

6. We need to discard all inner and outer sins – we are knowledgeable with regards to what the outward sins are, but from who will we learn about the inner deficiencies and how to eradicate them? This is why we need to spend time in the company of the pious.

7. A very little portion of this short life is left with each one of us. Ultimately, the reality is the matter of the heart – how much of the greatness of Allah Ta’ala has captured this heart and how much of all else besides Allah Ta’ala resides in this heart? This assessment is essential and critical. Yes, we all do have Imaan deep down in our hearts, but it is dwindling – it needs to be ignited and strengthened. This should be done through good company and Zikr.

8. Today our homes lack harmony and happiness. There is no family cohesion and mutual understanding. Children feel like strangers in their own homes due to lack of parental love and attention. The lessons of peace, mercy and compassion of the Sunnah must be revised.

9. At times one spouse may need to take a step back – do not be insistent on “my way”. This dogmatic approach has caused tremendous harm to marriages and families. We need to soften the heart, be tolerant and embrace situations wisely and maturely.

10. The person who cannot tolerate the challenges of his home and wants everything his way is suffering from the illness of self conceit and pride. He needs to change his approach to one of humility and engage in Zikr to soften his heart. Having an inflexible approach is not conducive to a healthy relationship. Mistakes will happen – the test of humility is where one can forgive, apologize and move forward, and not persist upon his wrong.

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