A simple method of attaching one’s self to the path of seeking Allah

When a person commits and attaches oneself to an accepted servant of Allah Ta’ala, he must make a firm resolution never to disobey Allah Ta’ala and Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‛alayhi wa sallam irrespective of the worldly losses he experiences, and criticism which he gets from people. If this resolution is not made, it is difficult to realize this objective. The destination can be reached through developing intense love for Allah Ta’ala. If there is no love, the path will be most difficult. A poet says:

There are countless dangers on the path to Layla’s house. An easy way of overcoming these dangers is to tread forward as a mad man. You will reach your destination.

The person must then acquire knowledge of Deen as much as is essential, and remain in the service of a true servant of  Allah Ta’ala.

Adapted from the teachings of Shafeequl Ummat Maulana Muhammad Farooq R

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