The deep insight of our pious Elders

Look at the deep insight which Allah Ta’ala blessed our pious elders with. I read about an incident yesterday where 2 Egyptian Alims who did not have beards went to Hazrat Maulana Binnori Rahmatullah Alaih. Maulana took the 2 to a jalsa, one of them was an excellent Qari and the other was an expert in the Arabic language.

Allah Ta’ala had blessed Maulana with sharpness of mind and foresight. He realised that people will find it odd that he has come with such people who have no beards so Hazrat stood up and addressed the people saying, these are very respectable guests who are from Egypt. They are excellent Qaris and masters of the Arabic language, Masha Allah they have very good hearts, now do not entertain evil thoughts about them in your hearts.

My dear brothers, there is a need for us to understand this, understand the Qur’an correctly. May Allah ta’ala give us tawfeeq to practice on this.

Extract from “An Echo from the Heart” by Hazrat Ml Abdullah Kapodra Saheb Rahimahullah

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